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Name : Paris

Name in game : Rea

Age :29

Years of experience :15

Main class : Archmage

Other classes you can play with : Duelist - Cardi- EE - PR- HE

Languages you speak :English- Greek

Reason you wanna join our clan : Joined the server and show good enough activity, wanna experience l2 metal to the maximum- aka Raid bosses sieges etc etc

Do you know our clan from previous servers : No looking forward to meet you guys :D

How you learned about us : Saw your crest around and eventually prompted here for an application

How much you play daily :~10 hours

Can you use discord : Already using it on a daily basis

What other games do you play :
Apex Legends-LOL - WoW - Mtg arena occasionally

Reply : Yea can play w/e is required and i ll be happy to help :)
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Can u play class if what we need ? maybe wl?

OP REPLY: Sry for editing this one, it wont let me reply for some reason . I ll be happy to play anything we need :)
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