Application form "Asashoryu"


New member
Name : Renan

Name in game : Asashoryu

Age : 28

Years of experience : At least 10, not sure

Main class : Dominator

Other classes you can play with : DPS such sagitarius and mages.

Languages you speak : Portuguese, English (Basic).

Reason you wanna join our clan: I want a place to call "home", and a team to grow up with her.

Do you know our clan from previous servers : I don't.

How you learned about us : I was walking through Giran and saw Eddie, literally.

How much you play daily : Three to four hours, maybe more, RL sucks somestimes.

Can you use discord : Ts3 and discord.

What other games do you play : I play real life, it's a piece of shit, so, I want to have fun with L2 again!

P.S.: I'm playing as "kuzaum" right now, I'm going to create my main and call u again, as "stg" recommended.