Name :Bobby

Name in game :Cain

Age :24

Years of experience :10

Main class :Hell Knight

Other classes you can play with :Soultaker, Saggitarius, ( any mage ), Titan, Gladiator...

Languages you speak :Romanian, English

Reason you wanna join our clan :Because I am all alone with my brother, and we struglling to make something and its hard alone. Also I like big pvp's and team playing.

Do you know our clan from previous servers :I dont remember

How you learned about us :I've seen an message in Shout in Giran from " LostAmigos"

How much you play daily : about 6 to 8 hours, in weekend more. Only afternoon because in the middle of the day I am at work.

Can you use discord : yes

What other games do you play :
LOL, COD, FIFA and more.